Wicked Lit 2018, The Chimes and The Corpse

I'm happy to announce that I will be returning to my Halloween home of Mountain View Mausoleum to join in my third Wicked Lit! I will be leading the audience through Charles Dicken's creepy tale The Chimes, as well as filling the role of Swing. So I'll let you all know if I step in for any of the other exciting roles this season. September, after all, is the perfect time to start putting up those Halloween decorations...at least it is for me!

Wicked Lit 18.jpg

Wicked Lit's First Stab 2018

It was a pleasure to rejoin the fine folks at Wicked Lit for their 2nd annual First Stab Festival! I had the honor of participating in two fantastic new pieces, Susannah Myrvold's "The Unholy Sisters" and Joe Camareno's "Le Fantom De L'Opera" at the Pasadena Public Library. Great to see everyone at one of my artistic homes, and hope to see those pieces fully stage soon!

"Earnest" Reviewed

Glendale Center Theatre's production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" received a glowing review from Lorenzo Marchessi at The Geek Authority! 

"Glendale Center Theatre did it again with an amazingly fun production of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” and it has the light-hearted humor of the original text as it is cast with some wonderful performers to delight young and old alike...Producer Tim Dietlein and director Zoe Bright (who also dazzled us in the play as well) gathered an ensemble of performers that will surprise you with this well-seasoned writing of Wild’s while giving it a flavor of smartness that is relevant in today’s society. Zoe made it light and fun and let the actor’s roll with their personalities with very comical result...

Meghan Lewis plays Gwendolen and I just loved her regal and serious performance of knowing what is expected of her and what she really wants from her husband to be. Meghan is sharp and quick with her deliveries but seems to have a wonderfully open and compassionate side to her. Her chemistry with Zoe bounces back and forth to friend’s to enemies at the drop of a hat. SO much fun to see them interact as all things become clear to everyone....

With cleverly designed set carpentry by Nathan Milisavljevivh and period perfect costumes designs by Angela Manke, “The Importance of Being Ernest” at Glendale Center Theatre is a comedy for all to see with a cast of witty note. This is a classic English comedy piece that stands the test of time with characters that mislead, characters that fall in love and characters that learn the best side of each other. Glendale Center Theatre’s production of “The Importance of Being Ernest” is a very wonderfully produced and fun play for the whole family."

Thanks, Lorenzo!


Scare LA

I had the honor and joy to perform with Wicked Lit at Scare LA's Haunted Campsite last weekend!  Such a great two days living in the amazing campsite set, and getting to chat with the TAPS west coast team. More with Wicked Lit to come this fall!