Urban Theatre Movement presents Urban Unrest, featuring command performances of four of the best one acts UTM has created in its time. "The Mountain" by Juan Amador, directed by Meghan Lewis and starring Charlie Jake Sanchez and Spencer Weitzel, tells the story of two brothers, an inevitable conversation, and what we'll never know about those close to us. Playing June 2017 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Fringe 2017

Meghan Lewis is a San Diego native and graduate of the University of Southern California, now living and acting in Los Angeles

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Current Projects

Spring 2017 brings three new dubbing projects with Voxx Studios: Florencia, the protagonist of Olvidé que te Quería, tries to save her family's vineyard while rediscovering a long buried romance. Martina, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past in Bandolera, and, finally, a maidservant who meets a tragic end in the Russian horror film The Bride

 Upcoming Projects 

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Wings of Shadow, Wings of Memory, Wings of Light: The Underground Trilogy Series by Anna Kyss is now bundled into one audiobook and available for purchase. Narrated by yours truly, take a trip into modern day London, and the hidden world of real life fairies. 

When Meghan Kelly, 18 years old and backpacking across England, descends into the century-old stone tunnels of the Underground, she plans on a hot date at a secret nightclub. Instead she finds herself imprisoned and in a fight for her very survival.